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In preparation for a blog article on my site in September 2010, discussing the integrity of the British Press, I spent a lot of time considering how best to maintain the integrity of my own  blog.

As regular readers will be aware, my articles link to the related news article wherever relevant and possible, in order to clearly acknowledge my sources. When considering writing about the British press it became clear that some stories I might make reference to originally broke in tabloid newspapers, and therefore I would expect to be linking to their related news article.

However, one of the dangers of the world wide web is that the content on a page cannot always be guaranteed. Whilst others may disagree, it is my own opinion that some of the semi-pornographic pictures, advice columns, and adverts contained on the websites of tabloid newspapers are inappropriate for minors. My blogs are published on both my Facebook page and Twitter feeds, on which under-18s are friends of mine, and I do not want them to inadvertently view such material.

As a result I have decided not to link to any news articles contained on tabloid newspaper sites within my blog. Therefore, whilst other newspapers may be mentioned all news articles will be BBC News features, even though this may not be where the story first broke.

Of course I am aware that the BBC’s own website may contain links to the tabloid newspaper feature, but at that point somebody is making an informed choice to click on the link, rather than them clicking on my source only to be forced to see potentially inappropriate material.

I hope you will understand and support this decision,

Chris, 6th September 2010


2 Responses to Word on the Web-links

  1. Skinny says:

    Hey Nash,

    I think this is a really wise idea. Especially given the nature of the blogs that you are writing, it is some important not to be seen to be endorsing such material (even when that endorsement is only by association!).

    Looking forward to reading your next entry. All the best, Skinny

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