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Why teaching can’t be for me…

They say never to start with an apology, but today I want to cover my back by doing just that! If there are any parts of this blog that don’t make sense, or don’t flow, then I apologise! I am … Continue reading

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Why cyberbullying scares me…and why we need to act now

I’ve always strayed away from writing too much personal on my blog for a number of reasons. As I right this post I realise I’m about to break my golden rule, but I hope the message I want to share … Continue reading

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Creating fireworks in Scratch – a mini scratch project

Our year 4’s have just begun work on Scratch in their Computing lessons. Scratch is new to many of our students (& staff!) this year so it’s great to get going on some projects which involve a level of challenge … Continue reading

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The irony of the #endoftheworld at Christmas

Over the next 24 hours Facebook and Twitter are no doubt going to go mad as people talk about the Mayan prediction of the end of the world. In fact, it started weeks ago, which is why so many people … Continue reading

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Social Networking: The problem or the solution?

So the last week has been full of one news story – riots. And among that has been a very different sub-story, about the role of social networking in all this. Infact Blackberry Messenger and Facebook were among the hottest … Continue reading

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The power of persuasion…and the worry of perception

Please note: The authors comments are his opinions alone and in no way are they intended to represent the views of any of the organisations mentioned in the article below Over the last few days I’ve been fascinated by the … Continue reading

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