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Why I’ve quit Labour

When I joined the Labour Party I joined not only because I agree with the principles of the party, but because I believed there had never been a more important time for there to be a credible and effective opposition … Continue reading

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American Sniper – a lesson for us all

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I love reading, and I also love to post a brief review when I finish a book I’ve enjoyed. Those reviews however never exceed 140 characters.┬áHaving just finished American Sniper, … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Corbyn, it’s time to go

Dear Jeremy (I’m assuming it’s OK to call you Jeremy as you want to be know as a people person) Over the last week or so many people both within your own party, across the bench from you in parliament, … Continue reading

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Joe Bloggs shared this post he didn’t read

I share a whole load of rubbish on Facebook. We all do. That picture that made you laugh – your friend thought it was insulting when they saw it. That video that made you cry – your sister thought it … Continue reading

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Why teaching can’t be for me…

They say never to start with an apology, but today I want to cover my back by doing just that! If there are any parts of this blog that don’t make sense, or don’t flow, then I apologise! I am … Continue reading

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Why cyberbullying scares me…and why we need to act now

I’ve always strayed away from writing too much personal on my blog for a number of reasons. As I right this post I realise I’m about to break my golden rule, but I hope the message I want to share … Continue reading

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Masculinity: a problem for schools and youth clubs

Four years ago I wrote a paper on the lack of positive male role models for children and young people in contemporary society as part of my degree. Four years on this same issue still worries me, so I’ve decided … Continue reading

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