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I’ve been debating all day whether to write this blog post. I realise that today it is a topic being discussed a lot. There’s a lot of people writing a lot of stuff. What can I add to the thoughts … Continue reading

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Why I’ve quit Labour

When I joined the Labour Party I joined not only because I agree with the principles of the party, but because I believed there had never been a more important time for there to be a credible and effective opposition … Continue reading

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American Sniper – a lesson for us all

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I love reading, and I also love to post a brief review when I finish a book I’ve enjoyed. Those reviews however never exceed 140 characters. Having just finished American Sniper, … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Corbyn, it’s time to go

Dear Jeremy (I’m assuming it’s OK to call you Jeremy as you want to be know as a people person) Over the last week or so many people both within your own party, across the bench from you in parliament, … Continue reading

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Joe Bloggs shared this post he didn’t read

I share a whole load of rubbish on Facebook. We all do. That picture that made you laugh – your friend thought it was insulting when they saw it. That video that made you cry – your sister thought it … Continue reading

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Don’t let your results define you

So today I wanted to put down a really quick post to say what I wish people had told me on results day, be that A-Levels, GCSE’s, degree or any other type of examination. That is that you mustn’t let … Continue reading

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Why teaching can’t be for me…

They say never to start with an apology, but today I want to cover my back by doing just that! If there are any parts of this blog that don’t make sense, or don’t flow, then I apologise! I am … Continue reading

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